Happy December!  The Jingle Boots will be silent again this year, with no live shows in the forecast. Sylvia music can still deck your halls though, in a couple of ways this holiday season. (See events Below)

Today is the start of 12 Days of Hoopla on Facebook, with lots of great prizes to be won and fun to be had for everyone.  Check out the list of prizes in the post below.  2003 Celebration Barbie anyone?

Music Monday Lives are still going, 10am (cst) on Facebook, with the last date being Dec. 13th.  I so enjoy connecting with my little friends and singing out loud at least once a week!

I’m offering a ‘Sing with Kids Workshop’, Online, via zoom, in January.  I hope you’ll consider taking this 2 week seminar where we will explore singing with kids and even trying out hand at making up a song or two.  It is perfect for anyone who interacts with kids.  Parents, teachers, group leaders are wonderful examples.  I want to help you feel more confident about adding music to your program or making the one you already have going, even better.  All the information is below.

I know I said no live shows, but I do have one in the books at the moment.  Noon Year’s Eve Celebrations on Dec. 31st at the Nutrien Wonderhub.  Stay Tuned for more information as soon as I get it.

Wishing you all a fabulous holiday season, filled with hugs and kindness AND a Happy & Healthy 2022!


Reindeers, Cookies, Santa, Oh My! Sylvia is singing online again this Holiday Season. She is ready to create some magical, musical memories for you and your littles right in your home, daycare, preschool or classroom! Gather the whole crowd around, add some snacks and perhaps an ugly sweater or two and deck the halls with joy. Unlimited viewing from December 15-28th. I appreciate your sharing this information with anyone you know with small children. It makes a great addition to everyone’s holiday celebrations. It would also make a wonderful gift that won’t break the bank but will fill the hearts of all the little elves in your life.  Tickets on sale Now

I had so much fun with the 12 days of Hoopla last year, I just had to do it again.  It is open to anyone in Canada and the prizes are wonderful.  If you have a daycare, preschool or class I suggest you all pool together to try and win the Group Hoopla Tickets.

I am excited to join with people from all walks of life to sing and talk about singing with kids.  No pressure here people, it’s all for fun.  I’ll have ideas on setting up singing programs, singing with kids on zoom/facetime, as well as tips on what kind of songs to sing.  We will also try out hand at penning a song or two, but never worry, it will be easy.  Can’t wait to join with you all in the new year! Bring Friends!

Register here: frodo@sasktel.net