About Sylvia

Sylvia Chave is Saskatchewan’s queen of the swing-set scene. Sylvia charms children and their adults into wiggling and giggling together through her lively music and stage shows.

Sylvia’s original song hooks stick in your head like bubble gum in your hair. Her lyrics offer an enlightening kid’s-eye view on significant issues of this day and age such as blankie blues, napaphobia, snoring fathers and cookie-cutting techniques. She begins to answer age-old questions like: Why do bees go buzz? Is it possible to be quiet while your baby brother naps? How is it that Mama always knows best?

On stage, Sylvia is both energetic and interactive.  She has a knack for keeping little ones on their feet and dancing to the beat, which is always sure to please the throngs of mama- and papa-razzi.

With more costume changes than a toilet-training toddler, Sylvia can go from pretty princess to bearded pirate in 4.5 seconds. Sylvia’s travelling “Transformation Station” is jam-packed with vibrant creations that transport her and her audiences into a colourful world of make-believe. Whether dressed as a tropical calypso dancer with a large tutti-frutti hat or a polka-dancing bohemian with a pizza on her head, you can bet Sylvia will deliver a fresh and funny performance.

See why two in three people with peanut butter and jelly moustaches agree that Sylvia Chave is a superstar. Visit www.sylviachave.com to hear clips from The Orange Album, Sylvia’s latest and greatest collection of songs.

Call 306-493-2955 or e-mail sylvia@singingwithsylvia.com to book Singing with Sylvia for your next community event, school assembly or private function.