I am so late in letting you all in on things happening, but that is because I have become a person, with no fixed address! lol. Our house is sold, but we don’t get possession of our new spot in Calgary until July 4th.  We are living in Saskatoon for the month of June, which is pretty great and I do have some gigs you may want to come to, across the province. I have a list of them below.  ALSO, I am doing Stripped Down Live, tonight on Facebook with Curtis Anderson @8pm.  A little late for the wee ones, (awesome for school kid fans & adults) but it’s a great format where you can ask questions and make comments.  It’s a great way for us to connect.  I’m quite nervous actually. lol Hope you will come and check it out, cause I want to make sure there are people watching. lol

I’ve also planned a final concert in the park for June 28th.  I’m struggling with a park space at the moment but I hope it will all work out.  Stay tuned for changes to venue.  If the weather is bad, we will have to cancel, but I want to take a shot and think outside is the most comfortable spot for us all to be……cause I know 100’s of you are coming out! 

Stay awesome folks and I’ll sing with you soon!