Hello friends!

I hope this finds you all well & happy, singing a little tune. (of mine! lol). Well, we are settled into Calgary life, but miss Saskatchewan quite a bit and all our superstars back there.  This little note is to remind everyone about the video for ‘All Around the World’ 2023.  So many of you have faithfully sent in pictures of your families, past and present and it has been my joy to see them and make the video each year.  I hope you will send again this year too, and keep the tradition going.  Remember, I release it on Mother’s Day, the perfect day to see some family love.  Here is the playlist of all the videos from past years, for a trip down memory lane.  They all just make me smile.  You can send your pictures to me frodo@sasktel.net

Fingers crossed, we’ll be singing together soon. (ps.  La Ronge, I’ll see you in July!). If anyone thinks they’d like to have a concert around that time, for a preschool, daycare or backyard.  Let me know and we can pencil you in!