Happy Valentines Day!

I have a few things on the horizon and one of them happens tomorrow! (February 14th). I have decided to go back through my tunes and make some videos on my own.  The first one premiers tomorrow on my You Tube Channel and it’s about something I love, appropriate for a Valentines Day surprise.   I hope you’ll check it out and make sure to let me know what you think and subscribe while you’re there.  I’m upping my content game this year.

I’m coming to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan next week for two performances at the E.A. Rawlison Centre and I can’t wait.  There are two performances 1pm & 6pm and since it is winter break, perhaps a road trip may bring friends from near and far.  All the information about times and tickets is found HERE.

If you are looking for a little craft to do with or for your little tomorrow, I have just the thing, thanks to my sister Anna, of course.  It’s heart bookmarks made with used envelopes.  You can find a downloadable copy on my website Here.

You can find me on Tik Tok now if you are there and I am having, as you could imagine, quite a bit of fun!  Don’t forget to sing with me everyday!  Hey Siri!  Play Sylvia Chave!  I Love Being with You would be a perfect way to wake up the kids, OR You are Awesome.  Stay well my friends. 🙂